This weekend past we experienced Zebra Bush Camp as a recommendation by Lucia at Jabula Bush Camp. The campsite is very well kept and has three fenced and three unfenced campsites as well as a newly built chalet with private boma & woodfired hot tub. We communicated with owners on WhatsApp for the booking which works very well. We were also serviced with information and links of things to do in the area.

As you drive in to Zebra Bush Camp there is a waterhole on the left which is great as a lot of animals come and get water, also on the left is the camp for all the unfenced sites. We had our kids with us and having that peace of mind with a fence is great. Not taking any chances 🤣

It’s on the same road in Dinokeng as Jabula Bush Camp and Kyleu Bush Camp.

We now know why it’s called Zebra Bush Camp, it has a massive amount of them roaming around. It’s really special.

The facility offers: firewood, ice and a few other items. It’s an honesty system so you need to write down what you take.

There is also a very small splash pool with a shade cover, this could be improved, which i’m sure the owners will do or include a small splash pool at each stands or have a fire burning hot tub (very popular these days).

We have stayed at a lot of campsites in Dinokeng and have never heard as much animal sounds like we did these last three nights.

The campsite has a very nice open bathroom and kitchen and you really feel like you are a few hours away from the city. Everything is clean and looked after well.

The sites are offgrid so make sure you have your backup power to charge your devices.

The communication and billing was a bit confusing with lots of updates to the deposits and balance needed to be made on leaving the camp. This could be streamlined.

Other than a few other notes for the owners below for improvement. We would strongly recommended a visit here.

Suggestions for Enhancements:

  • Solar Lights: Consider upgrading the batteries for a longer lasting light duration, as they currently only last a few hours.
  • Toilet Paper: Ensure a sufficient stock is available in each site to avoid requests for additional supplies.
  • Cleaning Supplies: It would be helpful to provide a broom and other basic cleaning materials in the bathrooms since daily service is not provided.
  • Billing Process: Simplify the billing system to reduce the administrative load for both owners and guests.

These are all small things that can be addressed and taken care of very quickly.

We will definitely come back as the wildlife is great and the campsite is also located in a great area.

Thanks again to the owners for having us.

Yours in adventure,

Gustav Penny (owner and outdoor fantastic) | Get Outdoors Africa | | #getoutdoorsafrica

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