Are you a first time camper? Are you looking for adventure?… or are you just needing some quiet time? Then you have landed on the right page… check out our recommended camping checklist below:

We have compiled this basic camping list which you can print for first time campers. Not everything is essential but as a guide to help you prepare. We will in time release other tips and tricks for various camping trips and destinations. Camping is a great cost effective way to escape the hustle and bustle of the normal day to day life.

Getting outdoors and spending time in nature grounds you and give you time to unwind before hitting the grind stone again. Quick little weekend getaways are easy and fun for the whole family including pets. We have built this website in order to help you find your next adventures weather it is near or far, short or long. We have also included great search filters so you can find exactly what your looking for. Example: Campsites that are nearby, that have a playground for instance. Are you a massive pet lover? Then we have also added filters to search for pet friendly establishments. We have included a map on the search page accessible on desktop and mobile devices so you can have a top view of potential destinations.

Lets get into the checklist and what we recommend you should pack.

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These are important items for your camping essentials checklist:


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Tools & Repair Items

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Many campgrounds have drinkable water. If not, bring your own, or be prepared to treat water if there’s a water source.


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Campsite Extras

Most of the following items are optional, though depending on how remote your campsite is, navigation tools such as a map, compass and/or GPS may be required (for more info, read about the Ten Essentials).

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Clothing & Footwear

Additional items for rainy and/or cold weather:



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Health & Hygiene

Sun and bug protection:


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Personal Items

Happy Camping…

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