Talaria Sting R MX4 Road Legal

More power, more performance, more range, more stopping power and more fun!

The Talaria Sting R Road Legal is a brand new addition to the Sting range, with a significantly higher specification than the original Sting, despite maintaining almost identical physical dimensions.

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R99,475.00 VAT

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  • +30% Peak Power making it the most powerful of it’s category
  • 45AH Improved Battery offering best-in-class range and battery life
  • Gearbox providing silent and reliable power transmission (No belt to change)
  • Stronger Frame & Swing Arm
  • Regenerative Braking (Can be adjusted easily on the display for optimum performances)
  • Fast Charging Time (3 Hours)
  • Improved Battery Connector


Talaria will cover all material costs associated with repairing or replacing any part or accessory found to be defective in material under normal use and maintenance. This limited warranty extends to the initial retail purchaser. This limited warranty is in effect for 1 year from the initial retail sale date a new Talaria from an authorized dealer.


Please view spreadsheet here which also includes a comparison between the Talaria models.


STING is powered by an impressive 60V 45Ah lithium-ion power pack, which is 2700 watt-hours, and easily swappable. The power packs can be exchanged with another fully charged power pack in seconds for limitless range. With electric automobile grade LG 21700 lithium-ion battery cells, state of the art programmed BMS, and optimized internal structure, this battery pack is enabled to ensure the bike brings you safe, hi performance off-road riding.


The dash features a high-contrast OLED display, this will offer riders a clear data display with low power consumption. With CAN communication, the dash is available to have data transfer with the battery pack’s BMS and the motor controller. The display menu provides a range of information, which include top/average speed, range, battery data, riding mode, error codes, regen level and more. The dash is also adjustable to allow different settings for different wheel size, sprocket size, motor regen levels, and change between KM/H and MPH to enhance the compatibility of the bike.


With the high-quality appropriative hardware, superb layout, and ingenious programming, the controller is enabled to have an extraordinary ability for transient current impact resistance, ultra strong anti – interference, high-precision EABS voltage and discharge current control, error inspection, high and low temperature protection, anti-runaway, and smart energy regeneration. This guarantees to bring the rider a powerful, exciting, and safe riding experience with a respectable range.


The customized combination powertrain design is just perfect for the light weight electric MX bike. The high efficiency brushless permanent magnet synchronous mid-drive motor, with top-class magnet material and advanced processing, is available to output 45N.m peak torque. With exquisitely crafted high accuracy gears, the gearbox runs even quieter and is much more durable than any belt drive systems. It’s time to say goodbye to that broken belt anxiety.

Please note that all motorcycles sold by Talaria or its dealers are for off-road use. These vehicles may not comply with certain national, federal, provincial and/or local laws or regulations. The buyer has the duty to inform himself about the various possible/applicable restrictions concerning the use of such a type of product, depending on the place where he is. He assumes full responsibility for the use he decides to make of it and the possible associated consequences.

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Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 1880 × 770 × 1088 cm

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